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Let’s begin by stating the obvious…

eyebrow waxing before and after

Waxing lasts longer than shaving! And with as busy as we all are, who wouldn’t want to take only an hour (at the most) every 4-6 weeks to eliminate unwanted hair as opposed to daily shaving or tweezing?

It’s cleaner. You are removing hair that traps odor causing bacteria. When you stay on a consistent schedule, the hair grows in less and less. It becomes finer and takes longer to return. The hair is being removed at the root, instead of surface level, and sometimes the root is deadened so that the hair does not grow back from that follicle.

It may be painful. However everybody is different and what hurts one person, might not hurt the next. I take special care to make sure pulling hair can be as pain-free as possible.

Besides, our bodies adapt and we become accustomed to the waxing process when we stay with a consistent schedule. And again, the hair comes in thinner and finer. So less to remove, less discomfort.

More Waxing Knowledge…

What is a Brazilian Wax? – Removal of all hair from you know where, including your backside. You can leave a landing strip, mustache, or triangle if you prefer. Just be prepared for an hour at your first visit to allow for discussing your options and the actual waxing. Your next series of maintenance appointments should only take approximately 30-45 minutes (females only).

Waxing gets easier the more you do it. Have at least 3 weeks of growth before scheduled appointment. The hair needs to be long enough for the wax to grip in order to be removed. Hair typically grows on a 28 day cycle. The results should last up to 4 weeks. You might experience a little bit of stubble after the first week until we get on a regular schedule (especially the legs, which take around 3 cycles), but after that, it’s smooth sailing from there.

Precautions & Care

Exfoliation is IMPORTANT!

Before Waxing:

For best results, exfoliate prior to waxing
Book waxing appointments four weeks apart. If you have just shaved, you should schedule your wax appointment in three weeks.

24-48 hours after waxing:

Avoid sun exposure
Don’t use any products that exfoliate the skin
Avoid creams or lotions with fragrances or that are irritating
Avoid hot baths, tubs, and saunas
Avoid liquid (non mineral)) make-up

After 24-48 Hours of Being Waxed:

To prevent ingrown hairs, you should exfoliate daily. The best way to do this is with exfoliation gloves and a body wash, preferably one containing glycolic to help open up the pores to allow the hair to grow freely.

Waxing may not be right for you is you have any of the following apply*
Leg waxing: Varicose veins, phlebitis, or diabetic
Facial waxing: Recent chemical peels, recent microdermabrasion, recent cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, recent injectables (Botox, or other dermal fillers), sunburn, rosacea, history of fever blisters or cold sores, presence of pustules or papules on area to be waxed, use of vit A (retin-A, etc), hydroquinone, topical or oral cortisone medication, Accutane or other acne meds, blood thinning meds.
*Consult with your doctor to see if waxing if right for you.

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