Lash Extensions in NW Portland

Applying mascara can take time to get right.

Eyelash Extensions in NW Portland

It smudges, unless you wear waterproof and then there’s no guarantee you can remove that less than lovely stuff completely on the first try. It clumps, and in most cases, it takes several coats to look like you REALLY have long, thick lashes!

Even if applying mascara is a breeze for you, it still takes time every morning and evening.

Eyelash extensions are an amazing alternative! Lash extensions enhance your eyes by adding thickness and length to your own lashes. Correctly applied eyelash extensions do not damage your natural lashes as they will shed with the stages of hair growth.

The first session can takes 2-3 hours, but afterwards, regular fills can be done in 60 minutes (depending on proper aftercare, lash retention, and time between fills).

This process is so relaxing, most clients take a nap during the appointment.

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