Hello! I know I’ve been away awhile, but…

I’ve been away due to a couple of BIG CHANGES! First of all, my second child graduated back in June! A bit surreal and I’m still having trouble accepting that I have two children out of high school! Next big change? A little over a month ago, I relocated Rai of Beauty to Portland! Yep, […]

Needed: Lady Bits Handler

Recently a dear client of mine moved to another state and today I received a text from her that she had ventured out and tried a local esthetician for her Brazilian and eyebrow waxing. Unfortunately, not only had random hair been left behind, her eyebrows were lopsided as well! It can be unnerving to trust […]

Blackhead Minions

Blackheads are a mild form of acne that nearly everyone has experienced at some point of their life, regardless of skin type. One of the questions I am asked most is how to get rid of them. While there is no way to eliminate them completely, there are ways to help minimize them. Science-y stuff […]

Hoo-Haw Waxing 101 (AKA Brazilian Waxing)

Things I wish I had known the first time I had my lady bits waxed: 1. It’s worth it! 2. You might feel bruised afterwards. 3. You must exfoliate after 24-48 hours to help avoid ingrown hairs. 4. Sitting on a bag of frozen peas does wonders for your tender bits. 5. Wine helps keep […]

Holiday Contest – Enter to Win

We have just the gift for you! From now until New Year’s Eve, every appointment you have at Rai of Beauty or Moxie Salon gets you entered to win this great basket! Call or text 541.659.0110 to schedule your appointment today!

Gluten Free for Your Skin

Food for thought… If you are gluten intolerant and have noticed your scalp and skin feeling sensitive/irritated, check the ingredients of your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. These products could be the culprit as many contain gluten. There are a few gluten-free hair and skin products on the market. Look carefully the next time you’re […]